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Family Ziplining

Step out of your comfort zone while flying through the trees on a zipline.  The three options through FamiliesUp's partners provide a great experience for the whole family.

Big Rock Adventure:  

Canopy Zip Tour - 

This activity is a series of 6 lines that go from platform to platform, back and forth through the trees, and across the Sevier River. Ziplines range in length from 85′-300′ and provide a fun and challenging activity for individuals and groups.

You start this activity by climbing a ladder to the first platform, and then zip from station to station until you get to the final station and then descend back down to ground level.

Fast and fun, this activity will give you bird’s eye views of the surrounding mountains, canyons and the Sevier River. Wave to the Rafters you’ll see passing by!

Adventure Mountain - 

First, cross a Suspension Bridge to Adventure Mountain, being careful to keep your feet on the wooden planks and your weight evenly balanced. 


Next, traverse your way .up and around the mountain, using a series of hand and footholds in the mountain (you’ll be wearing a harness attached to a safety cable of course!), until you reach the top. Once at the top, hold on for your 400′ zipline to the bottom! 


This activity is based on the Via Ferrata model, an Italian word that means ‘road with irons’.

CLAS Ropes Course:  Adventure Park

Experience seven exciting zip-lines through the trees along and across the Provo River. You are sure to enjoy the beauty along the Lower Provo River, which boasts breathtaking vistas as you venture from one zip-line to the next. 

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