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Family Team Building

Challenge and your family and grow your family chemistry with Big Rock Adventure and CLAS Ropes Course's Adventure Parks.

Big Rock Adventure:  Adventure Park

This Utah Adventure Park includes obstacles, challenges, and elements that will challenge participants to work as a team, while also encouraging individual confidence. Participants will challenge themselves and others as they take on each element.

Activities include swinging from tire to tire, climbing a swinging ladder, scaling a wood wall, trust walk wire challenge, log walk, balance beams, and more.

Two of the newest challenges include a Tightrope River Crossing, and a Suspension Bridge River Crossing, back and forth over the Sevier River.

The newly designed course is now more like a Ninja or Spartan Challenge!

CLAS Ropes Course:  Adventure Park

The Adventure Park is a series of platforms and “bridges” with varying levels of difficulty. Everyone wears a harness with a special locking lanyard that safeguards you from falling if you slip or let go.

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